Windows: Herbert Solves All His Problems With the 'Snip Tool'

Save everyone time and mental energy by using the 'Snip Tool' to take a screenshot of anything on your screen, highlight the point of interest, and e-mail it to whoever can help.

Warning: If you ever write another convoluted sentence that could've been avoided by using the 'Snip Tool', Herbert will track you down. (Nobody ever explained the difference between garden shears and the 'Snip Tool' to him).

Opening the 'Snip Tool'

I'm lazy. I open all of my Windows programs by clicking on the Start button, then typing in each letter of the program name: s.. n.. i.. p.. Sure enough, your program will magically appear! (If you can't find it, Google can help you).

Using the 'Snip Tool'

Once the 'Snip Tool' is open, all you have to do is click on 'New'.  Then you can click and drag across whatever is on your screen that you want to share with others. Finally, you can highlight aspects of the screenshot by using the 'Pen' tool or the 'Highlighter' tool:

Sharing the Results

Just click on the envelope and it will open up a draft in your default e-mail program. Ready to send!

Sharing the Results - Part Deux

You can copy and paste the screenshot anywhere you like! In the gif below, I paste the screenshot into GMail. You could just as easily paste it into an image editing program or Microsoft Office document should you so desire.


Herbert has enough blood on his hands. Please use this tool. Thank you.


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