Excel: I Use the 'New Window' Function Every Day. Thanks A Lot, Bonnie.

The bane of any accountant's existence is going back and forth, referencing data between separate tabs of Microsoft Excel. Use the 'New Window' feature in Excel to open another instance of the same Excel workbook. Now you can cross-reference to your heart's content!

Identify the Need

Seriously, if I have to keep flipping back and forth between these tabs, I am going to take Bonnie's sledgehammer and use it on my face.

Opening a 'New Window'

Easy peasy. Click on the 'View' tab, then press 'New Window'.

Using Two Windows

Just reference between the two windows like you would in any other workbook.


Much more productive referencing. Face saved from sledgehammer. Bonnie enrolled in anger management class. Thank you.


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